since 1998 

GGI since 2004 



in planning & delivery  

via Research, Strategic thinking & effective follow through

Intelligent Compliance

Reassurance based on experience & expertise


Personal Attention

Within a Collegial Culture prioritising Good Governance


Culture of social responsibility promoting work/life balance

Increasing climate change awareness & action


Personal ATTENTION – Global COVER

Global Expertise & Opportunity


          Since 2004; as an independent member of GGI, DAL has been able to deliver tailored local and international expertise in relation to multi-jurisdictional business. Such unique insight, focus and added value of independent legal accounting and consulting firms working collaboratively, enables us and our clients to think and succeed beyond traditional limitations.

          Today we continue to protect and enhance our clients’ interests via a sense of personal responsibility, based on careful understanding of the client, the project and respective legal and tax integrity. True to our founding low-volume-high-attention ethos; as the world around us changes, our core values remain, primary of which is our belief that clients are not customers – they are individuals we value, who entrust us with matters big and small that we treat as personal challenges & commitments.