Family Office

          Malta’s multi-cultural population, and character, ranging from its residence and schooling appeal to a legal system that has since the 1960s catered to ‘the international family’, has progressively refined its support for expatriate people and businesses via smart-safe platforms ideal for family office protection and development.

          In terms of legislation, infrastructure and specific expertise; we assist families to best plan and manage their international assets, holdings and challenges of generational, and safe transfer of wealth and power. Closely collaborating with our network affiliate 
, (duly licensed as a trustee and fiduciary and corporate service provider, since 2005), we ensure appropriate research, and clarity of both trust-design as well as its ongoing fitness for purpose from a legal, compliance and tax perspective, including the right management of relevant intersections with other jurisdictions and changes in the local and international landscape.


          Be it the need for private bankers or making education/medical emergency provisions, or selecting the correct entity and jurisdiction for a particular new activity or diversification, our local in-house team, and global advisory & support team, provide the comprehensive range of resources necessary to secure smart planning and long-term governance & compliance respecting each unique family.