Film & Digital Media

         Malta has been active in the international film industry since the fifties filming here of wartime classics such as laurence olivier’s the Malta story. Since then some of the world’s leading performers and directors have graces our shores, ranging from James Harris in Orca, to Robin Williams in Popeye, Brad Pit in Troy, Gladiator, Spielberg’s Munich, and the latest Jurassic movie, to name but a few.

         A local infrastructure has grow around Malta’s film studios, having the second largest water set in the world, making the island very attractive for a diversity of productions ranging from commercials to tv shows such as Game of Thrones.

        Such world-class facilities, sets, specialised technicians and support crew, financial and tax facilities, plus a pro-active Malta Film Commission and film fund have combined into an irresistible package for big and small budget productions including commercials and TV series. This sophisticated environment, requires careful fulfilment within the extraordinary pressures of film production costs and risks. It is therefore vital that all legal and accounting work is done by people with the right expertise, able to provide the client with the reassurances necessary to take on such extraordinary challenges be it a few days or months of filming, or post production, or even distribution conditions and obligations. When it comes to digital media contracts, our experienced legal and finance experts team up with our technology specialists to ensure clients have the comprehensive depth and detail necessary to be able to negotiate and implement accordingly in the following core areas:

  • Fiscal incentives
  • Contract negotiation
  • Production finance and banking planning and oversight
  • Legal corporate tax & IP structuring
  • Insurance & property / rentals contracting
  • Site accounting and office administration and support
  • Employment contracts and work permits