Peter Ormandi

Private Banking, Residence & Real estate

          Advocate Peter Ormandi is a Hungarian national and Malta resident since 2014. Peter holds a law degree from the University of Szeged, Hungary and a degree in International Relations & European Studies from Aalborg University Denmark.

        Peter began his career in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007, in the world of international Corporate & Trust management; privileged to work at the GGI head office for several years, before moving back to the world of Swiss-based private client banking and management.

          He joined the firm in 2014, first as head of the CEE client portfolio, and then in 2017 leading the Malta Residence & Real Estate team, which remains his main focus as Malta’s  as the island’s international community grows, drawing new residents and property investors from all over the world. Having working in the Swiss banking sector for several years, Peter is able to assist our clients to find the most suitable banking and wealth management solutions, which in today’s challenging world, has become the single most important factor in planning both personal relocation and starting an international business using Malta as the foundation.

International & GGI Focus

          Following his GGI multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural formation, and client management and private banking  experience, managing clients from all over the world, now Malta resident; Peter is a roving global ambassador for DAL and its shared GGI values of multi-disciplinarity and respect-based international professional collaboration.