Nicholas D’Alessandro

Technology Consultant

      Nicholas a Malta national and resident, curently leads the DAL Tech team. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology & Networking as well as a Master of Science in Information Systems from Newcastle University, he began his career in the tech-people-business integration sector, which today continues to be his core competence. 

            As DAL’s in-house technology expert; Nicholas and his team engineer the automation of various business processes; significantly optimising client operations. He has assisted with Regulatory compliance systems corresponding to a diverse institutions ranging from investment, to corporate admin, and also standards required by the Malta Medicines Authority (MMA) within the pharmaceutical industry. In building and overseeing Software Development & Support Teams,  Nicholas works closely with key stakeholders and compliance experts; going beyond mere application and development, and actually tailoring digital solutions to meet the specific needs and context of each client’s individual buisness realities. 

          In parallel; Nicholas also takes on the responsibility of technical liaison, bridging the gap between clients and regulatory bodies across diverse sectors. For instance, Nicholas has assisted the Malta Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Similarly, in sectors such as crypto and professional services Nicholas has navigated the regulatory landscape overseen by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). 

Client Tech Management Focus

          Having supported the DAL team for more than 10 years, working within our multi-disciplinary model; he is well positioned to assist clients in building their appropriate Malta management & tech team and office, focusing on the ever-increasing reliance on technology and how these different systems best keep up with evolving regulatory and market trends.