Michèle D’Alessandro

MDRP & Pharma Operations  md@dal-advisory.com

        Following years in the Banking sector, in project feasibility and evaluation, and having extensive experience in the international corporate team of a leading Big Four firm; assisting corporate and private clients with tax and legal planning and implementation of versatile structures for muti-jurisdictional business and personal requirements, Michèle joined DAL’s Client Project & Operations team in 2014.


         Having spent the last 10 years in Pharma management and operations, and being eligible under the Malta Medicines Authority to act as Medical Device Registered Person, today Michèle uses her banking, corporate services and Pharma experience to lead the DAL team responsible for Pharma startups, Quality systems & Regulatory. The team covers all aspects of Malta’s budding international pharma industry, ranging from logistics to quality assurance and MDRP compliance and support, assisting clients to build systems and maintain good standing under the guidance of our in-house pharma experts.



Pharma speciality & GGI focus

         Having accumulated extensive knowledge of Pharma best practice, via years of management of audits, inspections and liaising with Competent authorities; Michèle today specialises in providing clients with assurance of Client-Systems & Operations, and related training, design, and implementation, linked to Medicinals & Medical Devices.



      Participating in GGI international events since 2014, Michèle has developed a strong personal network of valuable peers. Since the memorable GGI European Regional conference in Malta of April 2024, Michèle is also engaged in developing an informal GGI contact group of international Pharma & Healthcare experts with a view to increasing peer discussion and sharing of best practices via GGI’s unique blend of professionality and conviviality.