Kris Balzan

Court & Litigation Advisor
          Advocate Kris Balzan, is a Maltese national and resident; graduating in 2000 in Legal & Humanistic Studies from the University of Malta before going on to obtain a Diploma of Notary Public and complete is Doctorate of Law.           In 2003 he successfully completed an LLM in International Maritime Law, and in 2006 furthered his studies in Canon law, Jurisprudence & procedure at the Metropolitan Tribunal of Malta. As a keen athlete, Kris is a strong team player, who priorities case preparation in terms of research, detail and a sharp practical understanding of law and procedure.
          As a warranted member of the Malta Chamber of Advocates fluent in Maltese, English, and Italian, and having experience also in the diplomatic field, Kris, has been advising DAL clients since 2012. In almost 20 years of practice in civil, commercial, real-estate, shipping and banking law, Kris has guided a diversity of local and international clients, in best managing legal issues, including personal and corporate litigation management and succession.

International & Court Focus

          As an experienced litigation & procedure expert, Kris is a specialist in the Malta enforcement of EU judgements, assisting clients to navigate in the complicated field of private international law. Kris has assisted many GGI referred clients and client advisors, on the interpretation and best implementation of Maltese law, using his extensive knowledge of procedure and case-law to provide strategic insight enabling the client to take smart and practical decisions focusing on protection and development of fundamentals, whilst minimizing the distraction and potential damage of secondary yet significant litigation and procedure and time challenges impacting both case-viability as well as client quality of operations/life.