Emanuele Sorrentino

Business & Personal Relocation Advisor

          Having managed the growth of international client business for several years, Emmanuele bring his valuable entrepreneurial experience and expertise to assist clients to find the most suitable marketing, international banking and tech solutions, focused on assisting start-ups and successful business to safely transition to the next level, in an increasingly challenging regulatory landscape, as increased global volatility makes new demands on business planning and appropriate operational adjustment and contingency.


International & GGI Focus


          As an Italian who relocated to Malta in 2010; Emmanuele can assist persons, families and business that move to Malta on the basis of his own first hand experience, ensuring that all important details are well taken care of.

          From a client business development perspective; maintaining his Italian and Middle East know-how & know-who, and continued responsibility for a diverse international portfolio of entrepreneur-clients, he is constantly travelling with clients to personally ensure quality of implementation and problem solving, whenever on-site reassurance and follow through is appropriate.