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since 1998

            DAL Advisory is a Malta-based multi-disciplinary practice; founded in 1998 by Rob D’Alessandro after his return from post-graduate studies in international law at the University of Oxford, and training with leading law-firms in Malta, Budapest, London and Amsterdam. From such international experience, and active Brussels involvement in leading the European Law student & lawyers (ELSA), the vision was born of a firm that brings together international experts, synergising different disciplines via two guiding principles of integrity in form and function, and clarity of law and communication..

              Today, DAL brings together a multidisciplinary team of global citizens, Maltese, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Spanish, each having different strengths and skills, living in the Mediterranean island of Malta, surrounded by more than 7,000 years of history; and today home to an ever-expanding community of international persons and companies have dealings with Malta. Since 1998, we continue to provide technical excellence and client support and solutions, in areas ranging from Family-Office management to Pharma, from start-up to multinational contracting, IP protection and consolidation, and increasingly assisting people and business to move their actual residence to Malta.

            DAL has earned its reputation for delivering success, primarily because of careful and comprehensive methodologies, and a determination to secure for each client; a safe/smart solution. Building upon 20 years of practice in company law, international contracts, risk-management, quality reassurance, corporate and fiscal governance, and business development, the firm has developed core expertise in the management of multi-jurisdictional Business transformation, Pharma, Corporate Accounting, Tax & IP law, Asset and Investment protection, Malta residency and cross-jurisdictional tax compliance. Over the years; the DAL team has assisted several international clients to develop a Malta platform for business development and grow to the point of investment from or buy-out by Energy, Media and Pharma multinationals and listed companies.

          Our talented international team, specialises in assisting start-ups to consolidate and expand in diverse jurisdictions. In parallel DAL provides strategic legal and financial guidance in terms of preparing companies to move from Malta onto the London and Australian stock exchanges. Given Malta’s well-regulated, UK modelled corporate framework and infrastructure for the housing and integrating of international business, Malta is emerging as an EU-Brexit bridge, enhancing its natural brokerage role between the EU and Middle-East especially in terms of established shipping and aviation links, and increasingly in training and higher education.


DAL Access to GGI Global Expertise & Opportunity


                          As one of the world’s top ten international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances; GGI’s 600-plus member firms, in more than 125 countries secure a gateway to the global marketplace for member firms and their clients, seeking on-site impartial expertise, clarity and guidance on local regulations, compliance, best practice, risk management and strategy.

       As an independent member of GGI, since 2004; DAL Advisory has been able to deliver tailored local and international expertise in relation to multi-jurisdictional business.

         Such unique insight, focus and added value of independent firms working collaboratively, enables us and our clients to think and succeed beyond traditional limitations.

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GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) is a global Alliance of independent professional firms. GGI Geneva Group International AG, a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, operates solely as an administrative resource of the Alliance providing no legal, audit nor other professional services of any type to third parties. Such services are provided solely by GGI member firms in their own name and as legally distinct and separate entities.

Our Offices

         Our offices, advisory and support teams, are housed at Blackley’s; an iconic 1906-built Admiralty Bakery which is a listed heritage site, carefully converted into boutique offices –

        Specially designed for professionals, start-ups, client co-working office space, events and networking capacities, our tailored offices secure the right balance of personal and group thinking and work space; enabling us and our clients to continue to generate unique and valuable synergies.