DAL Advisory is a Malta-based multi-disciplinary practice; founded in 1998 by Rob D’Alessandro after his return from post-graduate studies in international law at the University of Oxford, and training with leading law-firms in Malta, Budapest, London and Amsterdam. From such international experience, and active Brussels involvement in leading the European Law student & lawyers (ELSA), the vision was born of a firm that brings together international experts, synergising different disciplines via the guiding principles of integrity in form and function; clarity and multi-disciplinarity.

Today, DAL brings together such multidisciplinary team of global citizens and professionals; Maltese, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, each having different strengths and skills, living in the Mediterranean island of Malta, surrounded by more than 7,000 years of history; home to an ever-expanding international community of international persons and companies having dealings with Malta. Since 1998, we continue to provide technical excellence and client support and solutions, in areas ranging from Family-Office management to Pharma, from start-up to multi-national contracting, IP protection and consolidation, and increasingly assisting people and business to move their actual residence to Malta.

          Our talented international team, specialises in assisting start-ups to consolidate and expand in diverse jurisdictions. In parallel DAL provides strategic legal and financial guidance in terms of preparing companies to move from Malta onto the London and Australian stock exchanges. Given Malta’s well-regulated, UK modelled corporate framework and infrastructure for the housing and integrating of international business, Malta is now emerging as an EU-Brexit /Commonwealth bridge, enhancing its natural brokerage role between the EU and Middle-East especially in terms of established shipping and aviation links, and increasingly in compliance FIN-tech, training and higher education.


          With a rich jurisprudence of centuries-old Roman and maritime law, and a modern blend of Anglo-Saxon and Civil law jurisprudence, the Maltese legal system is ideal for international business, contracts, transactions, and protection of immovable, and intellectual property and rights.


        Classified by the World Health Organisation as the 5th best overall providers of healthcare systems in the world, Malta as a Mediterranean EU and Eurozone member and centre of intercontinental transhipment, provides unique infrastructure and opportunity for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industry. As a small nation, it has been able to become a leader in class in terms of implementing EU Pharma legislation, and well-positioned to manage related EU & Malta Pharma responsibilities, especially in terms of Medical Device registration and regulation.


          DAL’s Business Development expertise is the result of twenty years of servicing and building a global network of tried and tested solutions, advisors and service providers, that enable opportunity and development of new unique business with pre-vetted counter parties.



          Malta’s multi-cultural population, and character, ranging from its residence and schooling appeal to a legal system that has since the 1960s catered to ‘the international family’; providing people and businesses with smart-safe platforms ideal for family office protection and development.


          Malta has been active in the film industry since the fifties; filming here wartime classics such as Laurence Olivier’s ‘The Malta story’, and Michael Caine in Pulp in 1972.
Since then some of the world’s leading performers and directors have graced our shores, ranging from James Harris in Orca, to Robin Williams in Popeye, Brad Pit in Troy, Riddley Scott’s Gladiator, Spielberg’s Munich, and the latest Jurassic movie, to name but a few.



          Today, more than ever, one is able to operate globally, and can do so in Malta enjoying a Mediterranean quality of life. Most important of all: re-location today, is less about weather and lifestyle, and more about a safe secure environment for a person and their family to live work, study without political, religious or racial discrimination in an increasingly volatile world. People are moving to Malta, to de-stress, whilst remaining a short flight away from all major European cities as today’s new normal of remote-working enables many of us to focus on quality of output rather than office.


           The DAL team of grant experts, (having a strong success rate in project funding for business upgrading and also e-learning) assist clients at all stages of business planning, application, and project implementation, including legal and accountability safeguards to ensure transparent and proper fulfilment of grant and other key conditions.


           A Malta company remains Europe’s most advantageous corporate solution, providing excellent results since 1995 via its Tax Credit & Refund system. Companies incorporated or re-domiciled to Malta are considered ordinarily resident and such domiciliation subjects them to 35% tax on profits. Thanks to Malta’s imputation system, shareholders are entitled to significant tax refunds on payment of Malta tax and distribution of profits.



          One of Malta’s noteworthy successes over the last two decades has been its versatility as a neutral yet stable international corporate base, making it the EU company jurisdiction of choice for international entrepreneurs and private client-advisors.The main reason for such global respect is Malta’s unique refinement of UK company.


           Acquisitions tend to happen more often than mergers, perhaps because today there is a greater awareness of challenges beyond the actual transaction. Changing, cultural attitudes, an increased institutional focus for more ESG awareness, and parallel drive for more transparent governance, has made pre-acquisition preparation necessitate a multi-disciplinary study and planning more than ever.


Yacht & Vessel registration

           Our team is able to assist clients with yacht registrations under the Maltese flag, and (via our associates) also in other jurisdictions, such as Croatia, Monaco or in the Caribbean.


          Malta is the first country in the world to establish a clear regulatory framework for DLTs, ICOs and virtual currencies. Having had decades of success in regulating i-gaming, and now home to a vibrant e-sports community, the island has a well-established infrastructure of tech specialists, and cutting-edge legislation.



          As a civil law jurisdiction, Malta’s Roman law tradition, provides a strong regulatory frame for all fiduciary obligations, including those emanating from trusts. Based on Jersey statute and UK jurisprudence, Maltese trust law is purposely pro beneficiary, and ideal for estate planning and structuring business continuity. In line with 2018 transposition of EU rules on disclosure of beneficial ownership, the identity of settlors, protectors, and beneficiaries must be disclosed to the authorities upon establishment and confirmed for CRS purposes on an ongoing basis.


DAL Access to GGI Global Expertise & Opportunity

As one of the world’s leading international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances; GGI’s 600-plus member firms, in more than 125 countries secure a gateway to the global marketplace for member firms and their clients, seeking on-site and global impartial expertise.

As an independent member of GGI since 2004; DAL Advisory has been able to deliver tailored local and international expertise in relation to multi-jurisdictional business challenges.

Such unique insight, focus and added value of independent firms working collaboratively, enables us and our clients to think and succeed beyond traditional limitations...


GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) is a global Alliance of independent professional firms. GGI Geneva Group International AG, a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, operates solely as an administrative resource of the Alliance providing no legal, audit nor other professional services of any type to third parties. Such services are provided solely by GGI member firms in their own name and as legally distinct and separate entities.


Our offices, advisory and support teams, are housed at Blackley’s; an iconic 1906-built Admiralty Bakery which is a listed heritage site, carefully converted into boutique offices – 

Specially designed for professionals, start-ups, client co-working office space, events and networking capacities, our tailored offices secure the right balance of personal and group thinking and work space; enabling us and our clients to continue to generate unique and valuable synergies.


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