Systems Assurance & Risk Management

          DAL’s Business Development expertise is the result of twenty years of servicing and building a global network of tried and tested solutions, advisors and service providers, that enable opportunity and development of new unique business with pre-vetted counter parties. 

          Be it developing competitive advantages, or office integration of an international team; together with clients and their local/international advisors; the DAL team refines business & tax plans, and systems for day-to-day operations, via compliance-driven governance, and ongoing risk-management; making sure contracts, practices and record-keeping are up to date and in line with latest EU regulations, be it in the field of AML or GDPR or cybersecurity. Integrating law, finance and compliance; we consolidate growth, value, and risk management, on several levels; integrating vision, systems, people and intellectual property, on the basis of a smart/safe frame individualised for each client with in-built versatility / change management.