Malta – Evolution as an International Trading Centre

          The last two thousand years of hosting the great maritime powers; from the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, Knights of St John (1530-1798), Napoleon (1798-1800), to Britain (1800 to 1964), have given Malta an inherent geo-strategic sense and rich multi-cultural character, architecture, and legal system. Malta’s unique blend of Anglo-Saxon & EU culture, is the foundation for our rich legal   system that lends itself so well to multi-jurisdictional business and a compliance-driven approach to corporate governance and development.

Malta – your new EU/ Commonwealth/ Global Businesss Bridge

          Benefitting not only from having English as an official language, but also of a civil / roman law legal system incorporating UK company, tax and banking jurisprudence and practice, has given Malta a unique capacity as a hub for international business, further enhanced by 2004 membership in the European Union, and the Euro zone in 2008.

          This stable yet versatile Mediterranean platform for International-Business-Building and safe/smart personal and family residency; is further enhanced by more than 70 double taxation treaties including ones with USA, Libya and China, and Eurozone membership since 2008. Companies having a local functioning presence can thus enjoy attractive taxation, efficient and inexpensive licensing and registration services, making Malta a very attractive jurisdiction for compliance-driven holding and international trading companies.

Malta – Blackleys Your new International Office

          Blackley’s; an iconic 1906-built Admiralty Bakery which is a listed heritage site, carefully converted into boutique offices, ( specially designed for professionals, start-ups, client co-working office space, events and networking capacities, all of which enable us and our clients to continue to generate unique and valuable synergies.